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The stiff-upper-lip school of music

F. S. Kelly (1881-1916), pianist and composer Frederick Septimus Kelly is remembered today as one of the “lost” generation killed in World War I – specifically as part of the Hood Battalion of the Royal Navy, where so many of Britain’s young elite of talent and birth served as officers before being killed. But he […]

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Tchaikovsky made me do it

An addendum to the subject of the last post on Joachim’s student Lili Schober Petschnikoff. Lili’s memoir tells of her whirlwind engagement to violinist Alexander Petschnikoff, who had become famous almost overnight after his debut in Berlin in October of 1895. She describes in her own unique language the first time she heard him: He […]

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Profiles of Joachim’s Students: 2. Lili Petschnikoff

Lili Petschnikoff (1874-1957) was born Lili Schober in Chicago. She was the youngest daughter of German parents who moved to Berlin with her when she began studying at the Hochschule with Joachim. In her memoir, she admitted that “accepting this career was not of my own choosing; it was my dear mother who had placed […]

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Arthur Lourié on Berlin as musical capital

Here are a few excerpts about Berlin at the beginning of the twentieth century from the book Sergei Koussevitzky and his Epoch by Arthur Lourié (1892-1966). The author of the second biography of Koussevitzky described this book in his preface: “There was available an earlier biography of Koussevitzky by his friend Arthur Lourié. The value of […]

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Fatal fantasy women

Do you know the story of the admirably accomplished Hofrat Dr. Alois Obrist? As a teenager in the 1880s, he studied at the conservatory in Weimar, where he fell under the spell of the Liszt circle, especially the composer Eduard Lassen. The serious Swiss excelled in many areas of music. He continued his composition lessons […]

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29 April 1907

On the 25th Anniversary concert of the Berlin Philharmonic this evening, Jeanette Grumbacher-de Jong and Anton Sistermans are the soloists for the Brahms Requiem. The second concert tomorrow will have all the pomp and circumstance of a “Festgedicht” by Carl Wittkowsky, declaimed by the actress Rosa Poppe. Arthur Nikisch conducts the Brahms Symphony no. 1 […]

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