Joachim’s student Geraldine Morgan

Young women violinists from the United States made headlines such as this in the late nineteenth century. The most frequently profiled were Dora Valeska Becker (1870-1958), Maud Powell (1867-1920), Leonora Jackson (1879-1969), and Geraldine Morgan (1867-1918). While publicizing their very real achievements, these news items also emphasized their conventionally feminine

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Concerts in December 1907

Beethoven For most musicians, December means Christmas concerts, but for Berlin it also meant plenty of Beethoven, since his birthday on the 16th was always observed. <br />Two all-Beethoven birthday concerts were given by the two main orchestras, with very similar programs, probably due to coincidence:</p><p style=”text-align: center;”>16 December: Philharmonic, Arthur

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