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Profiles of Joachim’s Students: 2. Lili Petschnikoff

Lili Petschnikoff (1874-1957) was born Lili Schober in Chicago. She was the youngest daughter of German parents who moved to Berlin with her when she began studying at the Hochschule with Joachim. In her memoir, she admitted that “accepting this career was not of my own choosing; it was my dear mother who had placed […]

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Fatal fantasy women

Do you know the story of the admirably accomplished Hofrat Dr. Alois Obrist? As a teenager in the 1880s, he studied at the conservatory in Weimar, where he fell under the spell of the Liszt circle, especially the composer Eduard Lassen. The serious Swiss excelled in many areas of music. He continued his composition lessons […]

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12 April 1907

OPERA NEWS As I predicted, last night’s premiere of Théodora by Xavier Leroux was not a success. Leopold Schmidt mentioned the costumes and sets, the interesting portrayal of Justinian by Renaud, and the presence of an animated Kaiser in the royal box, again with Prince Albert of Monaco. But Max Marschalk did not hold back […]

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11 April 1907

The Monte Carlo Opera Company presents Théodora, by Xavier Leroux (1863-1919), with the composer conducting this Berlin premiere. I have a feeling the Berlin critics are not going to like it! Last month there was a concert of composers from Warsaw, and last week there was a Russian music concert. Tonight Jan Ingenhoven is leading […]

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5 April 1907

The Monte Carlo Opera Company’s presentation of Arrigo Boito’s Mefistofele (or Méphistofélès, since it is in French) with Feodor Chaliapin in the title role sounds like it should be an exciting event! It will be the Berlin premiere of this opera, which was first performed in 1868. Chaliapin in Boito, Mefistofele, 1906 Last night the Prince of […]

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The lady violinist, an exhibition of grace

The “Violin Girl” as a solution to the “Piano Girl” Around 1890, English-language press started describing a trend in which women musicians were choosing the violin over the piano. “Violin playing is all the rage now, and is a welcome relief after the feminine piano banging one is forced to endure. Girls do not realize […]

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