20 March 1907

Sometime over the last year I had the idea of a day-by-day account of 1907’s concerts. Then I realized I would not have enough time to post every day. Well, now I do! The middle of March is getting toward the end of the season already. After May 1st it’s basically done. So let’s see how far I get with “On this day, 113 years ago.”

Berliner Tageblatt, 17. 3.1907

The young Rumanian pianist, Aurelia Cionca (1886-1962), receives excellent reviews. A student of Alfred Reisenauer, her playing is “extraordinarily secure.”1According to Walter Niemann, she had muscle trouble that hindered her career.

The tenth anniversary of Brahms’s death is coming up and there have already been plenty of all-Brahms concerts. The concert at the Hochschule by the Wietrowetz Quartet will certainly be the only program consisting of the three piano quartets: Op. 25 in G minor, Op. 26 in A major (Brahms’s longest chamber work!), and the c minor Quartet, Op. 60. Miss Wietrowetz being indisposed, Erna Schulz will take over the first violin part. The pianist, Felicia Dietrich-Kirchdorffer, was a Mendelssohn Stipendium recipient in 1891.

The Halir Trio’s guest pianist is Robert Kahn (1865-1951), a prolific composer of lieder and chamber works, many of which have been recorded. His lieder are featured on at least six singers’ concerts in 1907. Kahn has been teaching at the Hochschule since 1893. His not-yet-published Third Violin Sonata gets its first performance tonight.

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The American soprano Mary Münchhoff is offering a popular concert with tickets for 1 and 2 marks. After two years studying with the legendary Mathilde Marchesi, she made her Berlin debut in 1899 and gives concerts regularly.

Mary Münchoff, from Indiana
Ludwig Hess

The tenor Ludwig Hess (1877-1944) is also a composer. His pianist for this three-concert series, Carl Friedberg (1872-1955) is from Frankfurt, where he studied at the Conservatory with Clara Schumann. They are giving a Schubert-Abend.

The popular concert at the Philharmonic tonight features Concertmaster Witek playing the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, Otto Marienhagen conducting. Tickets are 75 pfennigs. There is also a “Promenaden-Konzert” at the Ausstellungshalle am Zoo.

Finally, there are three operas to pick from tonight: Der Zigeunerbaron at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Theater, Die Lustige Witwe at the Theater des Westens, and Pique Dame at the Königliches Oper.

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