23 March 1907

It’s Saturday, but there’s not much going on (relatively speaking, of course).

  • Melanie Michaelis, a Joachim student who made her debut with the Philharmonic last year playing the Brahms Concerto, is giving an ambitious program: Tartini “Devil’s Trill” Sonata, Sinding, A Major Concerto; Reger, Chaconne for solo violin, Vieuxtemps, Concerto in A minor.
    (A review reported she had a spell of stage fright that affected her sound.)
  • The last Klingler Quartet concert of the season should be good: Quintet Op. 39 (with two cellos) by Glazunov, the Brahms B-flat Sextet, Op. 18, and the Mozart String Quintet in E-flat.
  • Luise Geller-Wolter has postponed her concert. Geller-Wolter (1863-1934) is a contralto who first sang at the Philharmonic in 1893.
  • The Promenade Concert at the Ausstellungshalle at the Zoo will be led by popular operetta composer Victor Hollaender (1866-1940).
  • Operas tonight: Pique Dame, Lustige Witwe, Zigeunerbaron.

I read in the Tageblatt today a review of the concert on the 21st by Certani and Klemperer. Although he would become one of the most famous conductors of the twentieth century, it doesn’t sound like this concert went well for the 22-year-old: “Klemperer is at present still a better piano accompanist than conductor. But being led by an inexperienced conductor should not hinder the gentlemen of the Mozart-Saal Orchestra from taking their business seriously. An inborn reverence for the artwork should require that of any true musician.”1Berliner Tageblatt, 23 March 1907, Morgen Ausgabe, p. 2.

In other news, I also read about an automobile that drove into the Landwehrkanal yesterday. The chauffeur turned to look behind him and in doing so pulled on the steering wheel, causing him to drive off the Lützowufer over the low barrier and into the water. The passengers were two younger ladies and an older lady who had been shopping. The chauffeur’s heroics led to everyone being saved, although they lost their packages and wallets. One lady lost 150 Mk.  Their names are Frau Jakob Klaus, Frau von Halle and Frau Rosenthal, and their addresses are Knesebeckstr. and the Kurfürstendamm.2Die Volkszeitung 23 March 1907, Morgenausgabe, p. 3.

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  1. That’s great to have a glimpse of Klemperer at the beginning of his career. There is a lesson for us all in that review…

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