24 March 1907

Even though it is Palm Sunday,  the big stores are open, for the most part (Wertheim is one exception; they are never open on Sundays.) There are lots of sales advertised in the papers for marzipan Easter eggs, tennis rackets, etc.

  • The Mozartsaal-Orchestra is trying to survive, but putting a concert opposite another exactly of the same type doesn’t seem like a good strategy. Their 7 pm concert in the Mozartsaal for 1 mark on this Sunday takes place at the same time as the Philharmonic’s popular concert, which is also 1 mark.
  • At noon the Philharmonic has their “Hauptprobe” (matinee) of the last subscription concert, which is always a benefit for the musicians’ pension fund. The evening concert is on Monday.
  • Sven Scholander is presenting his last evening of the season of stories, jokes and lute songs.

At the Königlichen Oper tonight: Undine by Lortzing. The Deutsch-Amerikanisches Theater has for the matinee Martha, and for the evening Der Bettelstudent. Die Lustige Witwe continues at the Theater des Westens.

I read in the Vossische Zeitung today that Carl Friedberg became ill and Ludwig Hess’s concert on the 20th went ahead without him (Fritz Lindemann was the substitute pianist). Hess was not in good voice, apparently. It sounds like a good concert to have missed.

In other news (in the Börsen Zeitung 24.3.1907 Morgen Ausgabe, p. 6):

The suicide of an unknown weary-of-life raised great unrest yesterday afternoon among the passengers of a Wannsee train. An elegantly dressed young man, perhaps 20 years old, shot himself between the Friedenau and Potsdamer train stations. The passengers had noticed the strange behavior of the suicide, but had no idea of what he planned. He suddenly pulled a revolver out and before he could be stopped, put a bullet in his temple, right in front of the passengers. Death was instantaneous. The corpse of the young suicide was taken out of the train at the end station at Potsdam and brought to the mortuary.

In September the tenor Hans Buff-Giessen will also take his life by shooting himself on a train.

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  1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but sometimes your “in other news” spots at the end of your posts are more interesting than the music scene. I’m still imagining the distracted chauffeur plunging his car into the Landwehrkanal… and all that lost shopping…

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