29 March 1907: Good Friday

The theaters are closed, but music is being made all over the city.

  • At the Singakademie, the St. Matthew Passion is being performed for the 80th time in this venue. Georg Schumann conducts, with Johannes Messchaert, who is famous for singing the role of Jesus.
  • The two other choral works are not Easter-related. Mendelssohn’s Elias is with the Mozart-Saal Orchestra and chorus (250 participants), with Alexander Heinemann in the title role and Werner Alberti conducting. Heinemann was a soloist in Mendelssohn’s Paulus just three days ago. Die Jahreszeiten by Haydn is at the Schiller Theater.
  • There are three Good Friday concerts:
    • The soloists of the Mozartsaal-Orchester with soprano Helene Staegemann, will be at the Neue Schauspielhaus.
    • The concert at the Theater des Westens has the Immanuel Kirchenchor und Orchester (150 members), Hedwig Franzillo-Kauffmann of the Komische Oper, and Marcell Salzer with Bible recitations.
    • Finally, in the Philharmonie, there is a concert by the soloists of the Philharmonic, with organist Bernhard Irrgang.

Postal delivery is normal today for letters and packages. On Easter Sunday letters will be delivered twice; money and packages once. On Easter Monday letters only will be delivered, once in the morning.

By coincidence, I read two stories in the papers about boas. In the Börsen Zeitung: There was quite an uproar at the Anhalter Bahnhof last night when a young lady arrived on the last D-Zug (express train). She claimed that she had a valuable boa worth 1000 marks stolen by fellow passengers. The railway police conducted a search but nothing was found. But when they searched the tracks back to the previous stations, they found it close to Groß-Lichterfelde.

In the Tageblatt: a man hired a live-in Küchefee (cook). She was taking too much time off and staying out until all hours. He waited up for her, told her she was fired and destroyed the boa he had given her for Christmas. He later received a summons for destroying private property, and was ordered to pay damages.

Opera singer Anna Fitziu, with a feather boa and hat, around 1910
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