4 April 1907

An overabundance of opera and solo singers on stage tonight:

  • Two extra opera events start today. The Monte Carlo Opera Company has arrived for guest appearances at the Königliche opera house. Tickets are as high as 40 marks and those attending are asked to wear formal evening dress. The first work this evening is La Damnation de Faust by Berlioz (which was performed at the Komische Oper just last night).
Richard Strauss (from 1916)
  • A cycle of Mozart operas conducted by Richard Strauss and Leo Blech at the Neue Königliche Opern-Theater begins tonight with Die Entführung aus dem Serail.

At the Komische Oper: Hoffmanns Erzählungen; Lortzing Theater: an evening of one acts; Central: Wiener Blut, Deutsch-Amerikanisches: Mamselle Nitouche; Theater des Westens: Lustige Witwe.

Four well-known singers will be giving concerts at the same time:

  • Erika Wedekind, coloratura from the Dresden Opera, sister of author and actor Frank Wedekind.
  • Dr. Alfred Haßler, who has had extraordinary success with his concertizing in Vienna, is giving his third concert here, with Ernst von Dohnányi at the piano and featuring his lieder.
  • American mezzo-soprano Pauline Miller-Chapman is accompanied by Ed. Behm.
  • The popular Dutch alto Tilly Koenen’s evening is a benefit for the those who suffered losses from the shipwreck.
  • The Brahms memorial concerts are not over. Tonight the Philharmonic Trio (Witek, Malkin, Gerhardt) is in the Oberlichtsaal of the Philharmonie with the B-flat Sextet Op. 18 and the B major Piano Trio op. 8, plus some cello and solo piano selections.
  • The other instrumental concert is the Italian violin virtuoso Cesare Barison, accompanied by his sister Bianca Barison. The program includes Tartini,  Sarasate, Sgambati, Paganini, and Martucci.

I read in the Vossische Zeitung that the public areas of the city are illuminated by a total of 34,130 lights, of which 23,575 are on the entire night. Most of these are gas light, and about 1000 are electric.

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