11 April 1907

The Monte Carlo Opera Company presents Théodora, by Xavier Leroux (1863-1919), with the composer conducting this Berlin premiere. I have a feeling the Berlin critics are not going to like it!

Last month there was a concert of composers from Warsaw, and last week there was a Russian music concert. Tonight Jan Ingenhoven is leading the Philharmonic for a concert of works by Dutch composers. Baritone Gerard Zalsman and pianist Cornelie van Oosterzee will also contribute. The latter will also have two orchestral works performed. Additional pieces on the program include an orchestral work by Johann Wagenaar and lieder by Anna Cramer.

The young American violinist Florizel von Reuter will be playing the Violin Concerto No. 2 by Christian Sinding, with the composer conducting the Mozart-Saal Orchestra. The Norwegian composer’s Symphony No. 2 premiered last month with Weingartner conducting. Also on the program: the British pianist Arthur Newstead, with the Liszt E-flat Concerto.

The pianist Maria Hugen will be assisted by Irene von Brennenberg on violin, accompanied by Karl Otto. The program includes Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and Liszt.

The pianist Nora Drewett (1882-1960) will be assisted by bass-baritone Horatio Connell (1876-1936) accompanied by Robert Erben. Drewett is a Stavenhagen student, but has also studied in Paris with Duvernoy. This concert is Connell’s Berlin debut. He was born in Philadelphia and studied with Julius Stockhausen. (Drewett will teach in Berlin for several years before the War. Connell will go back to Philadelphia in 1909 and teach at the Curtis Institute.)

Catching up with the reviews

Oskar Fried’s concert on Monday of the Stern Gesangverein received mixed reviews. Instead of the work by Hess, the fourth part of the massive Gloria Symphony by Jean Louis Nicodé was performed. The Vossische Zeitung reported that it had its dissenters in the audience, but it received such an ovation that Fried was called back half a dozen times. The Tageblatt thought the programmatic work was so over the top that it was hard to know whether it was meant to be taken seriously. The Vossische Zeitung judged Fried to have had a very good day; his Meistersinger Prelude was far above the usual level. However, both papers noted that the performance of the Beethoven Choral Fantasy was a disaster, with the soloist Conrad Ansorge especially unacceptable. (Fried will present the entire six parts of the Gloria extravaganza on a concert in the fall.)

Pianist Paul Goldschmidt (1882-1917) also gave a concert on Monday, and he received a strong endorsement from the Vossische Zeitung. The program lasted two-and-a-half hours, “yet it held the attention of the strongly interested audience to the end.” It included the Op. 1 Sonata in E-flat minor by Artur Schnabel, his teacher.

In Other Theaters

Komische: Carmen
Lortzing: Die Regimentstochter
Theater des Westens: Die Lustige Witwe
Central: Wiener Blut
Deutsch-Amerikanisches: Mamselle Nitouche

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  1. If it’s not too much to ask, I’d love to see even more reviews. Now that we are getting a feel for programming, it would be great to see how both the repertoire and the performances are being received.

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