17 April 1907

  • The violinist Florizel von Reuter is giving yet another concert, with the pianist Arthur Newstead and the Mozart-Saal Orchestra, conducted by Paul Prill. (In researching what became of this child prodigy, I came upon a book he wrote about his experiences communicating through a medium with the spirit world, specifically with the spirit of Paganini. The book is endorsed by Arthur Conan Doyle, who was also a spiritualist. See below.)
  • The Philharmonic has another Beethoven popular concert tonight, August Scharrer conducting. The program is the Symphony no. 4 and all the music to Egmont, with soprano Frau Grumbacher-de Yong and the actor M. v. Erdberg.
  • The scheduled second Lieder-Abend of Hans Buff-Gießen is postponed to the 25th.
  • Lula Myz-Gmeiner’s Lieder-Abend, which was previously postponed, is now cancelled due to the continuing illness of the singer.


  • Königliche Oper: Tannhäuser
  • Komische: Neugierige Frauen (see below)
  • Lortzing: Fidelio
  • Theater des Westens: Die Lustige Witwe
  • Central: Wiener Blut
  • Deutsch-Amerikanisches: Mamselle Nitouche

Wolf-Ferrari’s adaptation of a play by Carlo Goldoni, “Le Donne curiose,” translated as “Die neugierigen Frauen,” first performed in 1902.

An example of spirit photography in a picture of Florizel von Reuter and his mother. From his Psychical Experiences of a Musician (In Search of Truth), with a foreword by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (London: The Psychic Press, 1928).

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