18 April 1907

Therese Rothauser as Mignon at the Königliche Oper (Berliner Leben 1898)

Mignon by Ambroise Thomas is getting its 250th performance tonight at the Königliche Oper. Its premiere in Berlin was on 10 December 1868, and its popularity has only grown since then. I was surprised to see it was even in the repertoire, but it didn’t take much research for it to become evident that this opéra comique was popular everywhere for a long time. The Germans usually object to adaptations of Goethe, but apparently the opera’s other charms outweighed this aspect.

The Komische Oper is giving another performance of Wolff-Ferrari’s Neugierige Frauen, another hit in its time that has since disappeared from the repertoire.
French and Italian operas! Berlin looks quite cosmopolitan tonight. Although of course they are both sung in German.

At the Lortzing Theater: Undine
Theater des Westens: Die Lustige Witwe
Central: Wiener Blut
Deutsch-Amerikanisches: Mamselle Nitouche

There are no concerts advertised for tonight.

In a full page advertisement for household wares at the new Kaufhaus des Westens, I spotted a very unlikely item, an American ice cream machine called “Blizzard.” (It probably didn’t mix in candy bars.) At first I thought it was an ice machine, which would have been even more improbable.

Berliner Tageblatt, 18 April 1907, p.8.
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