24 April 1907

The last Philharmonic popular concert of the season is tonight. It includes Beethoven’s 5th and Tchaikovsky’s 5th. The conductor August Scharrer is stepping down after three years. Arthur Abell speculates that during that time Scharrer has conducted 1000 concerts. Ernst Kunwald will be his successor, and after five years, he too will move on. It is too much work for too little recognition.

In Theaters:
Königliche Oper: Götterdämmerung, conducted by Richard Strauss
Komische Oper: Der Barbier von Sevilla with
the Portuguese baritone Francesco d’Andrade, the subject of a famous painting
Lortzing Theater: Der Troubadour
Centra Theaterl: Wiener Blut
Deutsch-Amerikanisches Theater: Mamselle Nitouche
Theater des Westens: Die Lustige Witwe

Max Slevogt, Der Weiße d’Andrade 1902

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