Concerts in January 1907

Highlights of the month

Gustav Mahler conducted his Third Symphony on a Philharmonic subscription concert on the 14th. Felix Weingartner conducted the Berlin premiere of the Sibelius First Symphony, but the reviews were tepid. There was a “Big Russian Concert” to mark Balakirev’s 70th birthday.
Eugen d’Albert began his “History of Piano Literature” series with three recitals: 1) before Beethoven; 2) Beethoven, 3) Schubert and Schumann. The Beethoven performance had seven sonatas on it. If that wasn’t enough, the following evening one could have heard another all-Beethoven concert with Frederic LamondCarl Flesch performed the Beethoven Violin Concerto on a Philharmonic subscription concert. While he would make his mark in Berlin the following year with a series of historical recitals, this performance got extremely good reviews. 
I would have liked to hear the concert on the 23rd, in which Artur Schnabel and Paul Goldschmidt played the Schubert F minor Piano Duo. The 24-year-old Goldschmidt played several other concerts this year. More about him later! Schnabel also played Beethoven’s Op. 110 Sonata. One could have compared it to Reisenauer’s interpretation on the 5th and to Leo Kestenberg’s on the 15th.

In this month there were seven different Quartet groups besides the Joachim Quartet performing: the Bohemian, Waldemar Meyer, Sevčík, Dessau, Petersburger, Halir, and Klingler Quartets.

The table below lists all the concerts from January, with what I could find of the program and miscellaneous remarks by various critics. It is searchable and sortable.

January 1907.csv

Tina Lerner1/07PianoChopinfrom Odessa, Godowsky student, 16 yrs old
Pablo de Sarasate1/07ViolinGoldmark, Schumannwith pianist Carlos Sobrino
Georg Bloch's Gesangverein1/07Choral
Elsie Hall1/07Pianosignificant talent (Die Musik)
Severin Eisenberger01/02/1907PianoBeethovensaal
Elsa u. George A. Walter01/02/1907Voice, PianoSchubertSingakademie
Hermann Klum01/02/1907PianoBeethoven Op. 109Klum’s C minor sonataSaal Bechstein
J. Mitnitzsky01/03/1907ViolinTchaikovsky, Paganini, Saint-SaensSaal Bechstein
Bohemian Quartet01/03/1907ChamberKaun, SindingSinding piano quintet
Hugo Kaun op. 41
w/Teresa Carreno
Emerich Stefaniai01/03/1907PianoDohnányiw/ Dohnányi conducting his piano concertoSingakademie
Willy Burmester01/03/1907ViolinMix of serious, light, virtuosic piecespopular prices with Willy KlasenPhilharmonie
Dr. Hermann Brause01/04/1907VoiceBrahms, Strauss, Loewe
Sibelius violin concerto01/04/1907ViolinMax Lewinger violin, Dresden concertmaster
Eugen d’Albert01/04/1907Pianohistory of piano lit I
Berta Bloch-Jahr01/04/1907VoiceBeethovensaal
Alfred Reisenauer01/05/1907PianoBeethoven, Op. 110, Schumann, Chopin3rd concertSaal Bechstein
Gwendolyn Toms01/05/1907PianoBrahms, Beethoven, ChopinWith phil orch: Brahms B-flat, Beethoven G, Chopin FBeethovensaal
Bruno Hinze-Reinhold01/05/1907PianoSingakademie
Russian Trio01/05/1907ChamberRobert Hermann’s piano quartet op. 9Mozartsaal
Joan Manén01/06/1907VoicePopuläres Konzert with Augusta Zuckermann, pianoBeethovensaal
Benefit concert01/06/1907MixedBeethoven, 5th SymphonyAustellungshalle am Zoo;Steinbach; Felix Schmidt;Tilly Koenen; phil orch, Lehrer GesangvereinZoo
Tovey with Joachim and Hausmann01/06/1907ChamberSchumann, BrahmsG minor Trio and B major Trio; Tovey’s Trio with English Horn; “first of 3 concerts” (Courier)Singakademie
Ilse Delius01/06/1907VoiceSaal Bechstein
Margarethe Freund01/07/1907VoiceSaal Bechstein
Ludwig Erk-Feier01/07/1907Choral300 voice childrens choirPhilharmonie
Richard Burmeister01/07/1907PianoLisztSingakademie
Alexander Sebald01/07/1907ViolinErtel Violin a movement sonata for violin alone in g minor op. 17
With da Motta, Franck sonata
Max Fiedler, Emil Sauer01/07/1907OrchBeethovenSauer’s own concerto no. 2 in c minor, B5thMozartsaal
Fanny Davies01/08/1907PianoBrahms, Schumann,
Reger, Liszt
with tenor Gervase Elwes
Saal Bechstein
Maria Avani-Carreres01/08/1907PianoMozartsaal
Johannes Messchaert01/08/1907VoiceSchubert, Schumann,Brahmsnew: K. Weigl; Bos is the bestBeethovensaal
Waldemar Meyer Quartet Reger01/08/1907ChamberRegerMax Reger Abend with Reger playing, Anna Erler-Schnaudt voiceSingakademie
Vilma Niemeier01/09/1907PianoChopin, Tchaikovskymozart orch., Chopin Tchaik.Singakademie
Sevcik Quartet01/09/1907ChamberGliere op. 2, Mozart, Dvorak
Fritz Kreisler01/09/1907ViolinBach; Vieuxtemps, Wienawskibach E minor 3rd/last concertBeethovensaal
Joachim Quartet01/10/1907ChamberBeethovenop .135, op. 59 #3, op. 18 #5Singakademie
Ignaz Friedman01/10/1907PianoChopin, TchaikovskyPhil. Orch.Prize-winning concerto by H. MelcerBeethovensaal
Nanny Merzenich01/10/1907VoiceReger, Strauss, GriegTaubertSaal Bechstein
VI. Königliche Kapelle Weingartner01/10/1907OrchSibelius, 1st Symphonyalso Beethoven 5, Ertel, PompejiOpernhaus
Alfred Wittenberg01/10/1907ViolinBach, Mozartconcertos Bach a minor, Mozart a major, Wieniawski
mozartsaal orch.
Ida Ekman01/11/1907VoiceSibeliusSaal Bechstein
Busoni orchestral concert01/11/1907OrchKaun, LisztAlso works by Busoni, Hermann Behr, Johan WegemarBeethovensaal
Bernhard Stavenhagen, Felix Berber01/11/1907ViolinBrahms3 violin sonatasSingakademie
Lilli Lehmann01/11/1907VoiceRobert Franz Abend
Fund Raiser for Grabdenkmal for Reimann01/11/1907MixedKlingler, Joachim, Emmy Destinn, H. Grünfeld, R. Rössler
Zajic and Grünfeld with Mr. and Mrs. Schnabel01/12/1907ChamberSingakademie
Komtesse Helene Morsztyn01/12/1907PianoBeethoven No. 4, Mendelssohn No. 1She is a Sauer student, new Karbach, d minor concerto: unbearableBeethovensaal
Donald Francis Tovey01/12/1907PianoBeethoven, Brahms, BachDiabelli variations, Bach partita d major, Brahms piecesHochschule
Marianne Heinemann01/12/1907PianoSaal Bechstein
Ilse Delius01/13/1907VoicePostponedSaal Bechstein
Mahler conducting Mahler 3rd01/14/1907OrchMahlerPhilharmonic 6th subscription concertPhilharmonie
Ellen Sarsen, voice Marguerite Valentine King, piano01/14/1907MixedBeethovensaal
Ludwig Dosse01/14/1907VoiceSaal Bechstein
Elisabeth Ohlhoff soprano Heinz Beyer cello01/14/1907ChamberSingakademie
Dessau Quartet01/15/1907ChamberSinding, Beethoven, Brahmswith Könecke, Espenhahn, Heinrich Lutter, E. and O. Urack
Sinding op. 70; Bethoven op. 97; Brahms op. 18
Ignatz Waghalter01/15/1907CompositionPhilharmonie
Ernst von Dohnányi01/15/1907PianoBeethoven, Dohnányi, Chopin
Leo Kestenberg01/15/1907PianoOp. 110, Bach-Busoni, Alkan, FranckSaal Bechstein
Helene Passow-Vogt01/15/1907MixedSchubert, Brahms, WolfCarlotta Stubenrauch, violinBeethovensaal
Paul Elgers01/16/1907ViolinSinding serenade, Franck Sonatawith StefaniaiSaal Bechstein
Halir Schumann Dechert Trio01/16/1907ChamberWeingartner, TaubertWeingartner violin sonata op. 42 no 2, Taubert Suite for StringsSingakademie
Eugenie Stoltz, cello01/16/1907ChamberDohnányiDohnányi cello sonata with composer at pianoHochschule
Alexander Heinemann01/16/1907VoiceSchubert, Brahms, Kaun, StraussUsually in glorious voice, has a cold
Valborg Svardström01/17/1907VoiceWolf, Strausshorrible (Die Musik)Saal Bechstein
Clotilde Kleeberg01/17/1907PianoSchubert, Chopin, Weber, MozartMozartsaal
Robert Maitland01/17/1907VoiceSchumann, Schubert, Brahms, Chopin, LisztKünstlerhaus; Ausverkauft! Dr. Rumchysky piano; Purcell, Handel
Clara Höhne01/17/1907Voiceno (Die Musik); with Ludwig Feinland, celloSingakademie
Eugen d’Albert01/17/1907PianoBeethoven Op. 109, Op. 111Op 31 #3 Op. 53 Op. 57 Op. 90 Op. 109 Op. 110 op. 111Philharmonie
E.N. von Reznicek01/17/1907CompositionHaydn Farewell Symphony
M. Violon, piano; EE Taubert’s Suite for Strings in D
Bernhard Dessau, ConductorBeethovensaal
Frederic Lamond01/18/1907PianoBeethoven, Op. 109Op. 77, op. 109, op. 31 no 2, op. 28,
op. 119, op. 76, op. 81
Petersburger Quartet01/18/1907ChamberBeethoven, Saint-SaensBorodin (“famos”), Saint-Saens, Beethoven
didn’t arouse any enthusiasm for S-S
James and Frieda Kwast—Reger01/18/1907PianoRegerPassacaglia and Fugue for 2 pianosSaal Bechstein
Hedwig Kirsch01/19/1907PianoBeethovenPhil. Orch. C minor Beethoven
Götz concerto B-flat; has received recognition for her great taste, technique
Hans Winderstein with his orchestra from Leipzig01/19/1907OrchJoan Manèn violin; Augusta Zuckermann pianoSingakademie
Fund raiser for the national Denkmal01/19/1907MixedJoachim, Klingler, Dohnányi, Frau Götze
Max Menge01/19/1907ViolinHe is new and young; Hermann Lafont, pianoSaal Bechstein
Otto Lamborg01/20/1907PianoComic PianistSaal Bechstein
Halir Quartet01/20/1907ChamberBeethoven, Brahms, MozartBeethovensaal
Sigfrid Karg-Elert01/20/1907Compositionhe played his own works, harmonium; interesting but no trace of “music” there
Monster Concert at Zoo01/21/1907MixedZoo
Richard Koennecke01/21/1907VoiceBeethovensaal
Philharmonisches Chor01/21/1907ChoralBrahmsSchicksalslied, Iwan Knorr, Bruch; Eva Leßmann, Clara Erler soloistsPhilharmonie
Julia Hochstädtler01/21/1907VoiceSaal Bechstein
Charlotte Wolter01/21/1907Voiceno (Die Musik)Singakademie
Alexander Goldenweiser01/22/1907PianoSaal Bechstein
Helene Elsner-Guttentag01/22/1907Voice2nd concertSingakademie
Ludwig Wüllner01/22/1907VoiceBeethovensaal
Dora Moran01/23/1907VoiceSingakademie
Hamburg Frauen Quartett01/23/1907Vocal GroupBortkiewicz at the pianoSaal Bechstein
Mr. and Mrs. Schnabel01/23/1907ChamberBeethoven, SchubertBeethoven Op. 110; Schubert f minor fantasie with Paul Goldschmidt
Lieder Erich J. Wolff (MS)
Alfred Ackermann01/23/1907PianoMozartsaal
Hilda Stromenger, violin01/24/1907Mixedwith Marie Tauszky piano, her debutSaal Bechstein
Elisabeth Müller-Ostens01/20/1907Voice“Rococo Abend”
Busoni01/24/1907PianoBrahms, Chopin, Schumann, LisztHandel and Paganini variations; played too fast; chopin preludes
Schumann papillons and abegg variations, Liszt’s Grand Galop Chromatique
Elite Concert in the Mozart Saal 4 pm01/24/1907MixedThese elite concerts are structured around the artist rather than the music (Signale)Mozartsaal
Elite Concert in the Philharmonie 8 pm01/24/1907MixedErika Wedekind (Frank’s sister) Alfred Reisenauer
Lehrer-Gesang Verein
Michel de Sicard01/24/1907ViolinBach, Saint-Saenswith phil orch MendelssohnSingakademie
Helene Staegemann01/24/1907VoiceMozartsaal
Hedwig Stadtfeld01/25/1907VoiceMozartsaal
Delly Friedland01/25/1907VoiceChausson, Duparc, Faure, Franck, Weingartner, StrausstastefulBeethovensaal
Gisela Springer01/25/1907PianoMozart g major, Saint Saens G minor, Chopin f minornot that bad (Die Musik) she is temperamental and has made progress (Signale)
with Phil Orch
Hans B. Hasse01/25/1907ViolinSinding, Saint-Saenswith Schmalstick piano; young and could be a real virtuoso but not yet (Signale)
Saal Bechstein
Piano Trio with Joachim for Wirth01/25/1907ChamberSchumann, Bach, BeethovenD minor Trio Schumann; Sonata in G major for piano and viola da gamba
g major Beethoven violin sonata
Rudolf Zwintscher01/26/1907MixedBeethoven op. 57, Liszt B minor SonataReinhold von Wahrlich voiceMozartsaal
Elise Wetzel01/26/1907Voicenot good; Hermann Viebig pianoSaal Bechstein
Elena Gerhardt01/26/1907VoiceBrahms, Strauss, Wolfwith Nikisch 2nd concertBeethovensaal
Emilio Puyans, flute01/26/1907Chamberno (Die Musik)Singakademie
concert in the new Exhibition hall of the Zoo Garten01/26/1907MixedZoo
Robert Maitland01/27/1907Voicecould go on stage; with Hertha DehmlowBeethovensaal
Holländisches Trio01/27/1907ChamberBrahmsLudwig Wüllner; Trio c minor, 4 ernste GesängeSingakademie
Willy Lang01/28/1907Violin2nd concertSaal Bechstein
Grossen Russischen Konzert01/28/1907OrchS. Liapounow Symphony in b minor op 12; in honor of Balakirev 70th birthday
Soloist Ricard Vines from Paris (piano)
Philharmonic with Flesch01/28/1907ViolinBeethovenFlesch played Beethoven violin concertoPhilharmonie
Flora Scherres-Friedenthal01/29/1907PianoSingakademie
Bohemian Quartet01/29/1907ChamberBeethoven, Schubert, V. Novak op. 35IV and last concert, J. Burian on cello from Prague
Schubert Quintet, op. 127; back on top of their form
James Rothstein01/29/1907Compositionalso conductor, no to both (Die Musik); known for his graceful lieder (Signale)Mozartsaal
The Folk Song Quartet01/29/1907Vocal GroupEnglish, Elsie Hall piano; intonation problemsHochschule
Svärdström sisters from Stockholm01/29/1907Vocal Group“Delightful” (DIe Musik)Saal Bechstein
Leopold Godowsky01/30/1907PianoSchumannIII. Concert: CarnavalBeethovensaal
Joseph Weiss01/30/1907PianoBrahmshis own arrangements
Brahms Paganini variations
Hermine Ricke, piano and Irene Daland, voice01/30/1907ChamberRomischer Hof
Klingler Quartet01/30/1907ChamberBeethoven, Brahms, SchumannBeethoven op 127; Brahms op 51 #2; Schumann F majorSaal Bechstein
Joachim Quartet01/31/1907ChamberSchubert Quintet, Beethovenhaydn op. 64 #4
beethoven op. 18 #6
Max Modern and A. Schlesinger01/31/1907ViolinMozartMozart sinfonia concertante
Egon Pütz piano
Else von Grave-Jonás01/31/1907PianoLiszt, Tchaikovskyhad a really good night (Die Musik)
Eugen d'Albert01/31/1907PianoSchumann, SchubertSchumann Fantasy and Carnaval
Schubert Fantasy Sonata G major
Mendelssohn variation sérieuses
Weber sonata in A-flat
Gertrud Bischoff01/31/1907Voicevolkslieder AbendAnd Gerhard Fischer baritone
Saal Bechstein
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