Soloists for the Brahms Double Concerto

After Brahms’s Concerto for Violin and Cello in A minor, Op. 102 was premiered by Joseph Joachim and Robert Hausmann in 1887, other soloists slowly added it to their repertoire. The list is based on the BBC Proms database and various sources for German concerts. There are a surprisingly large number of female soloists and sibling pairs.

Performers other than Joachim & Hausmann  
J.R. Carrodus & Mr. Edward Howell1889.1Philharmonic Society (London)
Felix Berber and Julius Klengel1902Koblenz Musikfest (Trier & Saarbrucken)
Kiefer & Joseph Hosl1903Munich
Felix Berber and Julius Klengel1905.1Leipzig with Stavenhagen
Anton Witek & Joseph Malkin1906.9Berlin Phil Orch with Scharrer
Lady Hallé & Piatti1889.2.7Manchester
Ludwig Bleuer and Bruno Steindel1890.3.3Berlin Phil Orch with Hans von Bulow
Hugo Heermann and Hugo Becker1899.29.12Frankfurt with Kogel
Felix Berber and Julius Klengel1902.2.12Vienna Konzert-Verein
Neumann & Johannes Smith1903.3.4Dresden
Felix Berber and Julius Klengel1905.16.11Berlin Phil Orch with Stavenhagen
Carl Halir and Hugo Becker1905.19.10Berlin Phil Orch with Steinbach
Alexander Sebald & Hugo Dechert1905.8.12Berlin Königliche Kapelle, Weingartner
Soma Picksteiner & Paul Grümmer1906.28.11Vienna
Bram Eldering & Pablo Casals1906.6.3Cologne
Henri Marteau & Hugo Becker1907.1.6Mannheim
Franz von Vecsey & Paul Grümmer1910.29.10Berlin Phil Orch
Karl Klingler & Arthur Williams1911.30.3.Berlin Phil Orch
Michael & Joseph Press1912.7.11Berlin Phil Orch
Eugène Ysaye & Jean Gérardy1912.11.3Berlin Phil Orch
Henry P. Schmitt & Leo Schulz1913.2.1New York Philharmonic with Stransky
Carl Fleisch & Jean Gérardy1913.31.3Berlin Phil Orch
B. Hubermann & Hugo Becker1914.15.1Berlin Phil Orch with Steinbach
Gunna Breuning & Paul Grümmer1914.23.3Berlin Phil Orch with Nikisch
Emanuel & Siegmund Feuermann1916.30.10Berlin Phil Orch with Weingartner
Fritz Kreisler & Pablo Casals1916.9.3New York Philharmonic with Damrosch
Adolf Busch & Paul Grümmer1917.1.12Berlin Phil Orch with Max Fiedler
Margery and Thelma Bentwich1918.16.08Proms
Alfred Megerlin & Leo Schulz1919.14.11New York Philharmonic with Stransky
May and Beatrice Harrison1920.3.9Proms
May and Beatrice Harrison1921.23.09Proms
Gustav Havemann & E. Feuermann1921.28.2Berlin Phil Orch
Paul Kochanski & Pablo Casals1922.28.12New York Philharmonic with Damrosch
May & Beatrice Harrison1922.8.9Proms
Margaret Fairless & May Mukle1924 2.9Proms
Emanuel & Siegmund Feuermann1924.24.11Berlin Phil Orch
Paul Kochanski & Felix Salmond1924.27.3New York Philharmonic with Damrosch
Kochanski and Salmond1925.8.3New York Philharmonic with Walter
Adila Fachiri & May Mukle1926.15.10Proms
Guidi & Scipione1927.12.18New York Philharmonic with Mengelberg
K. Klingler and Francesco von Mendelssohn1928.24.11Berlin Phil Orch with Max Trapp
Marjorie Hayward & May Mukle1928.26.9Proms
Carl Flesch and G. Piatigorsky1928.29.10Berlin Phil Orch
Guidi & Scipione1929.24.10New York Philharmonic with Toscanini
Bronislaw Hubermann & Alexander Schuster1929.9.1Berlin Phil Orch with W.H. Steinberg
Guidi & Scipione1930.30.11New York Philharmonic with Stokowski
Isolde Menges & May Mukle1934.12.9Proms
Adolf & Hermann Busch1935.18.09Proms
Eda Kersey & Thelma Reiss1937.18.8Proms
Erich Rohn & Arthur Troester1942.1.1Berlin Phil Orch with Vittorio Gui
Olive Zorian & Antonia Butler1944.19.7Proms
Marie Wilson & Ellen Croxford1945.27.8Proms
Siegfried Borries & Tibor de Machula1946.12.5Berlin Phil Orch with Celibidache
Yan Pascal Tortelier and Paul Tortelier1962.12.09Proms
Zino Francescatti & Pierre Fournier1963.18.10Berlin Phil Orch with Karajan
Renaud Capucon, Gautier Capucon2011.19.07Proms
Lisa Batiashvili & Gautier Capucon2015.21.10New York Philharmonic with Bychkov
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