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Joachim’s chamber music empire in 1907

In the final year of the Joachim Quartet’s concerts, they were as popular as ever. However, they had plenty of local competition, mostly from members of their own Quartet. These were the new Klingler Quartet, the Halir Quartet, which had been playing since 1893, the relatively new Schumann-Halir-Dechert Trio, and the Barth-Wirth-Hausmann Trio, which had been […]

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Joachim as Keeper of the Quartet

The Musical Courier wrote in 1908: The issue of the “death” of the string quartet had been raised before. In 1902 the Musical News had fretted: Is the interest in chamber music really declining? Considerable fear has been expressed lately that the public, accustomed to the modern orchestra with its immense masses of sound and ever […]

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Joachim’s role in Robert Hausmann’s life

Joachim was a friend, mentor, teacher, role model, and more. His role in Hausmann’s life was so all-encompassing that is almost seems that Joachim consciously set out to take this youth, a next-generation version of one of his first collaborators, and fast-track his training so that he could serve in various capacities to suit Joachim’s […]

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Georg Hausmann and Joseph Joachim

There is no mention of George Hausmann in Joachim’s biography or published letters, even though Joseph Joachim must have known George well. They met in 1844 in London when they performed Mendelssohn’s D minor trio with the composer at the piano. This was part of Joachim’s sensational debut in London as a 13-year-old prodigy. Another […]

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