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“Early Music” in 1907

The Societe des Concerts d’Instruments anciens from Paris visited. Choral Music There was a “Verein für Klassische Kirchenmusik” which performed Palestrina. Bach Christmas Oratorio, Cantatas, B minor Mass, St. Matthew Passion La Serva Padrona or “Die Magd als Herrin” was premiered. The same singer also did Bach’s “Coffee Cantata.” Singers The opera tenor Franz Naval […]

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The Piano Trio of Hausmann, Barth and de Ahna

Robert Hausmann’s Piano Trio with his Hochschule colleagues Heinrich Barth (piano) and Heinrich de Ahna (violin) started a subscription series in 1878. They lasted for thirty years, with only one change in personnel, when Emanuel Wirth took over after de Ahna died in 1892. In contrast to the Joachim Quartet concerts, the Trio mixed up the […]

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Paradoxically Popular Art Music

What made Berlin so special as a city for music? Was it true that art music was appreciated more or better than in other cities? Are there material circumstances that account for it, or was it a self-fulfilling prophecy, part of an ideology of German identity? One aspect of Berlin’s concert life was remarked upon […]

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The Brahms Double Concerto at the Proms Concerts

On the occasion of the London premiere of the Brahms Double Concerto, Op. 102 on February 14, 1888, The Times newspaper wrote: No one but Brahms among living masters could have written this work, which shows all the earnestness of purpose, all the freedom from mere clap-trap, to which this composer owes his leading position. […]

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What made the Joachim Quartet special: Leipzig visits in the 1880s

Contemporary reviews Reviews in the musical press for the Quartet’s concerts outside of Berlin are quite consistent in the 1880s, and bear out the points made by Moser’s biography. The Quartet’s concerts in Leipzig were in 1881, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1896, 1898, and 1899. The first visit to the Leipzig Gewandhaus on November 26, 1881 made […]

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Robert Hausmann and the Schumann Cello Concerto

Hausmann first performed the Schumann Cello Concerto in Leipzig on January 29, 1879. His previous concerto performances had been of more popular-style, now-forgotten works (Lindner, Dressler, Raff). He played it in London the following year, for the first time since Piatti had played it on a Music Society concert in 1866. Although the reviews were […]

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