“Early Music” in 1907

The Societe des Concerts d’Instruments anciens from Paris visited. Choral Music There was a “Verein für Klassische Kirchenmusik” which performed Palestrina. Bach Christmas Oratorio, Cantatas, B minor Mass, St. Matthew Passion La Serva Padrona or “Die Magd als Herrin” was premiered. The same singer also did Bach’s “Coffee Cantata.” Singers

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Debussy’s Perversity

The pianist Harold Bauer (1873-1951) played a recital in Berlin on Oct. 31, 1907. A little more than a year later, on 18 December 1908, he gave the world premiere performance of Debussy’s piano suite Children’s Corner in Paris. The reviewer in the Signale lamented the small audience and was generally very appreciative

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Sources for Concerts in 1907 Berlin

My purpose in documenting all the musical events of 1907 in the main Berlin concert halls is to gather concrete data so that the perception of a saturation of the market can be analyzed. Newspaper Advertisements, Notices, and Reviews This process of documenting has involved many different sources. More and more

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