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Reactions to the Concerto for Violin and Cello, Op. 102 by Brahms

The Brahms Double Concerto was set up to be a success: there were plenty of well-wishers eager for another orchestral work from the famous composer. It featured the violin virtuoso Joseph Joachim, who had premiered Brahms’s Violin Concerto some years earlier, and Robert Hausmann, who had premiered Brahms’s Cello Sonata in F major the year […]

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The Piano Trio of Hausmann, Barth and de Ahna

Robert Hausmann’s Piano Trio with his Hochschule colleagues Heinrich Barth (piano) and Heinrich de Ahna (violin) started a subscription series in 1878. They lasted for thirty years, with only one change in personnel, when Emanuel Wirth took over after de Ahna died in 1892. In contrast to the Joachim Quartet concerts, the Trio mixed up the […]

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Robert Hausmann and the Schumann Cello Concerto

Hausmann first performed the Schumann Cello Concerto in Leipzig on January 29, 1879. His previous concerto performances had been of more popular-style, now-forgotten works (Lindner, Dressler, Raff). He played it in London the following year, for the first time since Piatti had played it on a Music Society concert in 1866. Although the reviews were […]

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The musical Hausmann family

Not only were the cousins Georg and Robert Hausmann both professional cellists who played the same cello with some of the same people in the same places, Robert’s sister Marie was a singer who had a cousin Marie who was also a singer. Robert’s sister Marie was born in 1847. She studied singing with Julius […]

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Hausmann Heights

In 1852 The Musical World responded to a reader’s question as to the respective heights of George Hausmann and the double bass virtuoso Giovanni Bottesini (1821-1889). There don’t seem to be any pictures of George, but there are many photographs of Bottesini. This trait seems to have run in the family: Robert Hausmann was 1,90 […]

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Joachim’s role in Robert Hausmann’s life

Joachim was a friend, mentor, teacher, role model, and more. His role in Hausmann’s life was so all-encompassing that is almost seems that Joachim consciously set out to take this youth, a next-generation version of one of his first collaborators, and fast-track his training so that he could serve in various capacities to suit Joachim’s […]

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