Georg Hausmann and Joseph Joachim

There is no mention of George Hausmann in Joachim’s biography or published letters, even though Joseph Joachim must have known George well. They met in 1844 in London when they performed Mendelssohn’s D minor trio with the composer at the piano. This was part of Joachim’s sensational debut in London as a 13-year-old prodigy. Another concert that year had Joachim playing with Hausmann in the ensemble that played two late Beethoven quartets, Op. 130, and op. 131. The next year, in 1845, they performed Beethoven’s op. 132 and op. 135. This must have been the first time Joachim played the late Beethoven works that he would become most associated with by the end of his career.

When Joachim was in London in 1847, they played Beethoven’s Quartet in E minor, Op. 59 no. 2 at the Beethoven Rooms in Harley Street. They also both played on a concert given by Louise Dulcken. In 1848 and 1849 they were  both on “Mr. Benedict’s Annual Concert.”

When George was visiting his family in August of 1857, Joachim came over from Göttingen for the day to make music. The last time they saw each other was in Hannover in April of 1859. George’s father Bernhard, an amateur violinist who loved to play chamber music, was able to realize a wish to play quartets with his son and his grandson. The three generations of Hausmanns needed a violist, however, and invited Joachim to complete the quartet.  Bernhard regarded him fondly enough to bequeath Joachim a Tourte violin bow.

Furthermore, George performed on multiple concerts of the Hannover Court Orchestra during the time Joachim was concert master, including Joachim’s debut on November 13, 1852.  George and Joachim also had many mutual friends and colleagues among the many German musicians who had settled in England, such as violinists Heinrich Ernst (1814-1865) and Louis Ries (1830-1913). Ernst, (who like Joachim studied with Böhm in Vienna) preceded Joachim as concert master in Hannover in 1843.  Ries came to be Joachim’s regular second violinist when he played quartets in London. Due to Ries’s long career (he only retired in 1897) he played with both Georg (in the 1850s) and Robert Hausmann (in the 1880s).

Both Hausmanns also played with the pianist and composer Agnes Zimmermann. Although she was only twelve years old at the time, she gave a concert of Onslow and Mozart Piano Trios with the violinist Carl Deichmann and George on April 28, 1860. Almost twenty years later, she played the Archduke Trio with Joachim and Robert on a concert in Berlin on December 2, 1879. Zimmermann was a mainstay on the London concert scene for decades, and Robert played with her on many subsequent concerts.

Pianist and Composer Agnes Zimmermann
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