28 March 1907

My list of opera and operetta offerings has been incomplete thus far! This is because the Tageblatt has not been including the Komische Oper or the Lortzing Theater. For tonight, the Komische is doing Hoffmann’s Erzählungen, and Der Troubadour at the Lortzing can be added to Die Lustige Witwe at the Theater des Westens and Die Glocken von Corneville at the Central-Theater. The Königliche Kapelle’s Hauptprobe for their last symphony concert is at the opera house, so there is no opera there tonight. That leaves “only” four choices for tonight.

These theaters are listed in the Vossische Zeitung. The newspaper portal for the Berliner Staatsbibliothek, known as ZEFYS, arranges its digital copies using a calendar format. ANNO, the Austrian equivalent, also offers this way of searching its holdings. On any given day the newspapers available can vary, depending on what they have and what has been digitized, but the Tageblatt is almost always represented. For 28.3.1907, there are three editions each of the Tageblatt and the Volkszeitung, and two of the Vossische Zeitung. Today’s morning edition of the Vossische has 24 pages and the evening edition 14 pages. Each page is a high-resolution web page, so it takes a while to “take a look at the papers.” Today my eye was caught by the review of a trilogy of one-act plays called “Cats” (“Katzen”), which uses the analogy of predatory felines to portray women intoxicated by sensuality. There were also gruesome news stories of a bicyclist run over by a bus, a horse in harness going berserk, and multiple criminals going insane while in prison. The weather forecast in Berlin is 3 degrees with clear skies. And can you believe this? Nail salons! Look at all of them:

Vossische Zeitung, Morgen Ausgabe, 28.3.1907, p.9.
  • Back to the musical performances on offer:
  • Dr. Konrad von Zawilowski, bass-baritone from the Vienna Hofoper, is giving a Liederabend featuring composers from Warsaw.
  • Antonia Dolores’s second concert is a Liederabend; her first one consisted of operatic selections. Although Die Musik was not impressed with the first, the Musical Courier was lavish with praise: “She delighted all lovers of the true bel canto-and a large number of them were present. Dolores is a veritable queen of cantabile singing; her breath control is sheerly limitless and she knows how to breathe forth long drawn out tones of golden purity; she produces the real Italian cantabile effects as do few singers.”1Musical Courier 54 no. 15 (1907): 5.
  • The piano trio concert of pianist Heinrich Barth, violinist Emanuel Wirth, and cellist Robert Hausmann has been postponed until 10 April. Wirth has had two eye operations in the last year and has not been able to play, so Joachim was announced as taking his place, but now he is also indisposed. Clarinetist Richard Mühlfeld will be on hand for an all-Brahms program.
  • Another piano trio series by the Russian Trio (brothers Michael and Josef Press, with pianist Vera Maurina) has its last concert tonight, with guest singer Fräulein St. Korwin-Szymanowska.
Das Russische Trio. Prof. Michael Press, Vera Maurina, Josef Press.

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