31 March 1907–Easter Sunday

There is plenty of musical entertainment for this holiday. Not only are the theaters open, many have matinees as well as evening performances. Gluck’s Orpheus und Eurydike is the only offering at the Königliche Oper.

Sunday’s opera/operetta double bills

Theater des Westens: Rigoletto; Die Lustige Witwe
Komische Oper: Hoffmanns Erzählungen, Faust’s Verdammung
Central Theater: Der Mikado, Wiener Blut
Deutsch-Amerikanisches Theater: Der Bettelstudent, Mamsell Ritouche

Popular Concerts

Mozart-Saal Orchestra 7 pm, 1 Mk.
Philharmoniker, 7pm, 1 Mk.
Zoo Ausstellungshalle, 8 pm, 1 Mk. (smoking, food and drink)

  • The Sunday edition of the Tageblatt is 56 pages, and is stuffed with classifieds, ads for spas and sanatoria, boarding schools, and horse races at Karlshorst and Steglitz.
  • There is a warning that the article tomorrow on Faust, Part III is an April fools’ joke.
  • Yesterday evening there was another of the post office robberies that have become shockingly frequent. A clerk had just come up to a counter to remit a large sum when suddenly three hundred-mark bills were snatched out of his hand from behind. He turned around but the thief was already gone. People passing on the street chased the fugitive and turned him in to the police station.
  • The famous syphilis researcher Dr. Neisser has a “wissenschaftliche Station für Syphilisforschung” in the East Indies where he has been using apes for his experiments. He will return to Breslau in October and conclude his research there.
Die Lustige Witwe at the Theater des Westens
(Berliner Leben, 1907)

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