Soprano Sophie Heymann-Engel is giving a concert of lieder from the “15th-18th centuries,” and what is billed as the first performance of  Bach’s “Coffee” Cantata, with bass-baritone Anton Sistermanns.

There is a concert in memory of Ludwig Thuille, who was remembered on the Königliche Kapelle concert last week. It includes a variety of his works: the Sextet for piano and winds in B-flat op. 6, the Cello Sonata, op. 22, a selection of Lieder, and two pieces for Männerchor.

Two American pianists are performing tonight: Carl Beutel (1881-1959) is from Detroit and a student of Alberto Jonás, the Spanish pianist who taught for some years in Michigan but who is now based in Berlin.  

On the Philharmonic popular concert Cornelia Rider-Possart (1865-1963) will play the Chopin e minor Concerto. She is married to actor and director Ernst von Possart. (She had a long career in both the US and Europe. She played on another Philharmonic concert on 9.1.1925.) This concert, which includes Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony, starts at 7:30 pm and is 75 pfennigs.

Musical America 7 no. 7 (21 Dec 1912): 6.

A New Collection of German Folksongs
In the Tageblatt today, Leopold Schmidt reviewed the Kaiser’s latest musical gift to the German people, Das neue Volksliederbuch (2 vols., Leipzig: Peters). The product of three years’ work by a commission of experts led by Detlev von Liliencron, the authenticity of the 610 items chosen has already been questioned. Schmidt touches lightly on the aspects that have made this a controversial project. First, the difficult question of determining what qualifies as a folk song was settled by aiming for something more broadly “volkstümlich.” Nevertheless, the inclusion of the Pilgrims’ Chorus from Tannhäuser seems questionable to Schmidt. 
The other major issue is that the Kaiser required all the lieder to be presented in arrangements for Männerchor. The arrangements by different composers are in various styles, some at odds with the original song.The most strikingly modern of these is by Richard Strauss. Schmidt, who is an advocate for Strauss’s music, suggests keeping an open mind. 

Opera/Operetta today:
Komische Oper: Figaros Hochzeit 3 pm, Tosca 8 pm
Theater der Westens: 3 pm Martha and Lustige Witwe
Central: 3 pm Fledermaus, 8 pm Wiener Blut

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