28 April 1907

The Berlin Philharmonic is 25 years old

The last major event of the year starts today at noon, with the first of two concerts commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Philharmonic Orchestra. Today is the Hauptprobe matinée; the soloists will be different for the performance tomorrow evening. The program is made up of the 3 B’s:
J.S. Bach, Cantata, “Nun ist das Heil”
Beethoven, PIano Concerto No. 5, soloist Georg Schumann; conductor August Scharrer.
Brahms, Ein deutsches Requiem with soloists Klara Erler and Arthur van Eweyk, Sing-Akademie Chor conducted by Georg Schumann.

Baritone Arthur van Ewyek, from Milwaukee


Königliche Oper: Die Meistersinger
Theater des Westens: Undine/Die Lustige Witwe
Komische Oper: Der Bettelstudent/Rigoletto
Lortzing: Der Mikado
Kroll: Die Fledermaus 3 pm, 1001 Nacht 7:30
Deutsch Amerikanisches: Der Troubador/Mamselle Nitouche

Just as the Conservatories have been giving final concerts, students of the Tanzschule Isadora Duncan are putting on a performance with orchestra today. See the interesting photos below.
The Mozart-Saal Orchestra is giving a farewell concert. It is at the same time as the Philharmonic’s farewell concert, with Gesterkamp (violin), Malkin (cello), Irrgang (organ), Müller (harp), soloists.

The concerts might be over, but you can go to a gramophone concert next Saturday at the Mozart-Saal, at 8 pm. Gramophone recordings will be played of Berlin opera stars Ernst Kraus, Paul Knüpfer, Karl Jörn, Emmy Destinn, and Emilie Herzog; also Enrico Caruso, Geraldine Farrar, and Marie Dietrich. Free tickets can be obtained at the Deutsche Grammophon Company, Ritterstr. 36.

Raymond Duncan Dance School performance of Scenes from “Alkestis” (Berliner Leben 1907)
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  1. Loved the kids walking like an Egyptian! That Berlin Phil program is pretty glorious, you’ll have to admit!

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