29 April 1907

On the 25th Anniversary concert of the Berlin Philharmonic this evening, Jeanette Grumbacher-de Jong and Anton Sistermans are the soloists for the Brahms Requiem. The second concert tomorrow will have all the pomp and circumstance of a “Festgedicht” by Carl Wittkowsky, declaimed by the actress Rosa Poppe. Arthur Nikisch conducts the Brahms Symphony no. 1 and the Beethoven Symphony No. 9. The soloists for the Beethoven are Emilie Herzog, Johanna Kiss, Albert Jungblut, and Alexander Heinemann.
And so the month and the 1906-07 concert season ends. What I have learned by chronicling these last 42 days is that, comparable to all the concerts, there is a similar surfeit of opera performances, which continue into the summer. I have also been made more aware of the constant presence of new and perennial operetta favorites.

Opera/Operetta tonight

Königliche: Fidelio
Kroll: Tausend und eine Nacht
Theater des Westens: Die lustige Witwe
Central: Thetje Eggers Brautnacht
Deutsch-Amerikanisches: Mamselle Nitouche
Komische: Neugierige Frauen
Lortzing: Der Barbier von Sevilla

Die Lustige Witwe had its premiere in Milan and was a big hit.
The chamber music festival at the Beethoven-Haus in Bonn will be from 5-9 May.

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