Musicians in Berliner Leben

Berliner Leben: Zeitschrift für Schönheit und Kunst 7 (1904)

Berlin: Oestergaard, 1898 – 1928 
Berlin: Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin
Most of this magazine is made up of photographs that are very useful in constructing a picture of Berlin as it grows and changes in the first part of the twentieth century. The “Schönheit” part features society and royalty, and the “Kunst” part favors the visual arts and theater productions. Depending on the year, there is more or less coverage of the art music scene. Here are some from 1904: four photographs of opera singers, one of an opera composer, one of concert givers, and one of the ensemble from Paris, the sociéte de concerts d’instruments anciens, in what looks like a snapshot from after the concert.

Francesco d’Andrade, baritone and his wife
Tenor Franz Naval and soprano Geraldine Farrar in Manon by Massenet
Tenor Ernst Kraus and what looks like his four children under five years old
Opera and theater divas at home: Lilli Lehmann, Geraldine Ferrar, Anna Schramm, Ida Hiedler, Nuscha Butze-Beermann, Antonie Dell’Era
The composer Ruggiero Leoncavallo and his wife, not looking happy
Concert season highlights: Spanish violinist Joan Manén, the St. Petersburg Quartet, the Christmann sisters, pianist Ossip Gabrilowitsch, violinist Irma Senger-Sethe, soprano Antonie Dolores, pianist Moritz Mayer-Mahr
Yvette Guilbert and the members of the sociéte de concerts d’instruments anciens. In the photo: Ed. Nanny, Mlle. Delcout, H. Fernow, Marcel Casadesus, E. Humperdinck, E. Wolff, Prof. Ochs, Prof. Gernsheim, H. Casadesus, Dr. Schiller, Mme. Casadesus, Prof. Joachim, Yvette Guilbert, Fr. Louise Wolff
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