Happy Birthday to Joachim’s students

March 23rd is not only the birthday of Johann Kruse, but also of Ernst Schiever and Hugo Olk.

Ernst Schiever (23.3.1844-9.12.1914) was one of Joachim’s first colleagues at the Hochschule in Berlin. He was briefly a member of the Joachim Quartet, then moved on to lead a quartet sponsored by Graf Bolko von Hochberg. In 1878 he moved to England and settled in Liverpool, where he maintained a quartet, and became a conductor in Liverpool and Manchester.

Hugo Olk (23.3.1870-30.7.1934), a child prodigy who made his debut at age eleven. As an adult he was a rolling stone: concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic, but also for a time in Kiev and Helsinki. He made the jump to America and was concertmaster for several orchestras: Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Chicago, and finally, St. Louis.

March has seemed to me to be a popular month for this cohort, and a quick analysis of the birth dates I have indicates that, indeed, more of these students were born in March than in any other month. February is the second most popular month. Another way of looking at it is that if you are an Aquarius or Pisces, you are much more likely to have studied with Joachim than if you were any other astrological sign.

Perhaps just to be a famous violinist predisposes you to a birthday in March. These violinists weren’t pupils, but were important connections for Joachim in various ways:

March 4, 1795: Joseph Böhm
March 10, 1844: Pablo de Sarasate
March 23, 1893: Franz von Vecsey
March 28, 1835: Ludwig Straus
March 29, 1839: Wilma Norman-Neruda, Lady Hallé
March 31, 1874: Henri Marteau

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