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Joachim’s chamber music empire in 1907

In the final year of the Joachim Quartet’s concerts, they were as popular as ever. However, they had plenty of local competition, mostly from members of their own Quartet. These were the new Klingler Quartet, the Halir Quartet, which had been playing since 1893, the relatively new Schumann-Halir-Dechert Trio, and the Barth-Wirth-Hausmann Trio, which had been […]

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Quartet concerts, now and then

Although the quartet concerts in 19th-century Berlin seem similar to our own today, of course there were differences. Quartets with Names Terminology, for instance: today all quartets have a name by which they are known, but back then most quartet groups lacked a name to identify them. In the Berlin papers, many of the local […]

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What made the Joachim Quartet special: Leipzig visits in the 1880s

Contemporary reviews Reviews in the musical press for the Quartet’s concerts outside of Berlin are quite consistent in the 1880s, and bear out the points made by Moser’s biography. The Quartet’s concerts in Leipzig were in 1881, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1896, 1898, and 1899. The first visit to the Leipzig Gewandhaus on November 26, 1881 made […]

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What made the Joachim Quartet Special II

Andreas Moser’s biography of Joachim addresses this question. Since Joachim had quite a bit of say in what he wrote, it is interesting to read the list of special qualities: Joachim’s confidence in his interpretation. “If there was ever an artist who knew what he wanted, it was Joachim.” This came partly from his training and […]

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What made the Joachim Quartet so special?

This is the big question. Since there are no recordings, we must rely on the account of witnesses, which are subjective. First, though, there are some relevant facts that should be taken into account: The many years that they played regularly together. Three of the four played together for 28 years, from 1879-1907. The turnover was […]

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