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Concerts in 1907-08 commemorating Joachim

After his death in August, there were an impressive number of concerts in the fall of 1907 dedicated to the memory of Joseph Joachim, and they all reinforced the same idea: Joachim belonged in the company of the three B’s. Three concerts featuring Joachim’s compositions at the Hochschule during the 1907-08 year emphasized Joachim’s connection […]

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The String Quartet’s past and future in Vienna

When the Joachim Quartet came to Vienna for the last time in March 1907, giving the complete Beethoven Quartets in five concerts, the event was appreciated all the more in the wake of three recent concerts of Schoenberg’s works, including the premiere of the String Quartet in D minor, op. 7. The conservative critic writing […]

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Georg Hausmann and Beethoven’s chamber music

Chamber Works by Beethoven in performances that included Georg Hausmann <ul> <li> Sonatas (unspecified) (Vienna, 1858) </li> <li> Trio (unspecified) (1839, 1850) </li> <li> Op. 1 #3 C minor Piano Trio (1843; 1856 with Ludwig Ries) </li> <li> Op. 20 Septet (1838) </li> <li> Op. 29 String Quintet, (1850; 1851; 1853; 1860 with Carl Deichmann, […]

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Concerts in March and April 1907

March Highlights In March there were 135 concerts, of which there were 25 piano, 19 orchestral, 16 chamber, 9 violin, and 33 voice recitals. There were 16 choral concerts, more than usual because of Easter on March 31. During Holy Week there were performances of both Mendelssohn oratorios and both Bach Passions. There were four […]

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The Piano Trio of Hausmann, Barth and de Ahna

Robert Hausmann’s Piano Trio with his Hochschule colleagues Heinrich Barth (piano) and Heinrich de Ahna (violin) began giving concerts in 1875 and started a subscription series in 1878. They lasted for thirty years, with only one change in personnel, when Emanuel Wirth took over after de Ahna died in 1892. In contrast to the Joachim Quartet […]

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What made the Joachim Quartet special: Leipzig visits in the 1880s

Contemporary reviews Reviews in the musical press for the Quartet’s concerts outside of Berlin are quite consistent in the 1880s, and bear out the points made by Moser’s biography. The Quartet’s concerts in Leipzig were in 1881, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1896, 1898, and 1899. The first visit to the Leipzig Gewandhaus on November 26, 1881 made […]

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