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“Nanté,” or Music Criticism in the 1840s

The further we go back in time, the more obvious how arbitrary our knowledge of the past is. Most information about concerts comes from the press: newspapers and music journals provide the names, dates, and programs. For the most part, the news about performers and performances centered around opera, but that started to change once […]

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Loving Spohr

Yesterday I came upon a review that sheds light on the popularity of Ludwig Spohr’s violin music, which was the question I was left with after researching the repertoire of violin soloists at the Leipzig Gewandhaus over the nineteenth century. The reception history of Spohr isn’t a topic simply to google or look up on […]

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6 April 1907

The last Joachim Quartet concert in Berlin Postponed in March due to Joachim’s illness, the last Joachim Quartet concert of the season will take place tonight in the Singakademie. Emanuel Wirth will be rejoining the group on viola for the first time this season after multiple eye operations. I wonder how many realize it is […]

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Reactions to the Concerto for Violin and Cello, Op. 102 by Brahms

The Brahms Double Concerto was set up to be a success: there were plenty of well-wishers eager for another orchestral work from the famous composer. It featured the violin virtuoso Joseph Joachim, who had premiered Brahms’s Violin Concerto some years earlier, and Robert Hausmann, who had premiered Brahms’s Cello Sonata in F major the year […]

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