review of Vazsonyi

Nicholas Vazsonyi, Richard Wagner: Self-Promotion and the Making of a Brand, German Studies Review 36.3 (October 2013): 702-04.

review of Dennis, Beethoven in German Politics

David Dennis, Beethoven in German Politics, 1789-1989, Journal of the American Music Society 50/2-3 (1997), 483-490.

review of Esteban Buch, Beethoven’s Ninth

Esteban Buch, La Neuvième de Beethoven: Une histoire politique, Beethoven Forum 10 (2003), 94-101.

Review of Chua – Sanna Pederson

Daniel K. L. Chua, Absolute Music and the Construction of Meaning, Notes 57.2 (2000), 360-362.

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