Concerts in September and October 1907

There were 172 concerts in the month of October and the last 9 days of September, considerably more than earlier months. As usual, the most of any type were the 41 solo voice concerts; piano had 30 and violin 16. There were 18 of what I have labeled “mixed,” usually a concert of two soloists, such as voice and violin. Besides the solo concerts, there were 25 orchestra concerts, 21 chamber, 10 choral, 5 vocal ensemble, and 6 composer concerts, See the searchable spreadsheet below for more specifics.
By the end of October it was especially hectic, and continued this way until Christmas.1The journal Signale für die musikalische Welt noted how on 29 October the city was graced with eight concerts at the same time.Numbers don’t tell the whole story, of course, and this autumn undoubtedly felt more packed than ever due to the opening of three new concert halls.

New Concert Halls

Photographs of the new halls in the Allgemeine Musik-Zeitung 25 October (1907): 711.
Choralion Saal

The Klindworth-Scharwenka Saal and Blüthner Hall were both at Lützowstr. 76 at Magdeburger Platz, which is a modest park today (see the photo at the top of the page). The piano maker Blüthner now had, like Bechstein, a performance venue with their name on the building. The Blüthner (1200 seats)2The photo above specifies “1500 Personen” and other sources say 1600 “places”–these numbers presumably include standing room capacity. was the larger hall with better acoustics. Arthur Abell reported that it had a shoe-box shape, and was “tastefully finished off in white, light blue and gold. The ceiling is slightly arched and an effective background is formed for the stage by a very fine organ with aluminum pipes. The chairs are dark red. There are balconies on both sides and at the back.”3Musical Courier, 30 October (1907): 9. The Klindworth-Scharwenka Hall seated about 600 and was more square-shaped with a balcony at the back. Despite its name, it was not intended to serve as the hall for the Klindworth-Scharwenka Conservatory.
The Choralion Hall (400 seats) at Bellevuestr. 4 (where the Ritz Carlton is today) was thought to be very nice to look at, and the organ was outstanding, but the acoustics were problematic. (This is where the premiere of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire took place on 16.10.1912.)

Philharmonic Popular Concerts

After ending their summer concerts at Scheveningen on 30 September, the Berlin Philharmonic’s popular concerts began their season with a new conductor on 2 October. The overworked August Scharrer was replaced by Dr. Ernst Kunwald, who soon became just as overworked. (It looks like the Orchestra had only three days off during October.) Kunwald (1868-1939) had a law degree from the University of Vienna and had studied piano with Leschetizsky. He got off to a good start with his first program. Arthur Abell commented: “These concerts are called ‘popular,’ but the program of this one would have been a credit to any serious symphony concert of the first rank. It comprised symphonies by Beethoven and Haydn, Bach’s concerto for two violins and orchestra and a Handel Concerto Grosso.”4Musical Courier 23 October (1907):9. Another critic mentioned that Kunwald intended to program more works that were new to the orchestra, since they would then have mandated rehearsal time.This implies they didn’t usually rehearse.


Alfred Reisenauer (1863-1907)

The incredible lineup of Liszt students of the previous spring was diminished by three: first, Eugen d’Albert decided to concentrate exclusively on composition. His opera Tiefland (1903) was produced for the first time in Berlin and a comic opera, Tragaldabas, premiered in Hamburg. Bernard Stavenhagen moved on to the Geneva Conservatory, and Alfred Reisenauer died while on tour in Latvia on 3 October. He was forty-three years old. Earlier in the year the critic Arthur Laser had written that although there were so many great pianists playing in Berlin, Reisenauer put most of them in the shade.5Arthur Laser, Kritische Rundschau, Neue Musik-Zeitung 29 (1908): 266. The composer and former student Sergei Bortkiewicz arranged a concert in his memory, at which Reisenauer’s compositions were played, and there were several interesting articles written about him in the papers.

Reisenauer began his study with Liszt at age 13 and followed him when he moved to Rome, for a total of nine years of study. He assisted Wagner in transferring his first sketches of Parsifal to the piano. Although he made his debut in 1881, he was absent from the usual concert halls beginning in 1887 after he toured Russia, going as far as Siberia. He visited remote locations in the Far East, not returning until 1893.6Eugen Kobold, Neue Musik-Zeitung 29 (1908): 36. He became professor at Leipzig Conservatory in 1900 and then its director. Although over his career he played over 2000 concerts, he suffered terrible stage fright, which became worse in later years. An obituary in one of the Berlin newspapers referred to his reputation for playing while drunk. Other accounts described him bringing a brandy bottle with him on stage, crawling under the piano to retrieve a brandy bottle, and falling asleep during the orchestral exposition of the Emperor Concerto.7Berliner Börsen Zeitung 13.10.1907 (Morgen Ausgabe): 9. Although he played Liszt and other bravura pieces, he was also described as a sensitive, inward tone-poet who was at his best playing Schumann.

Of course, there were more than enough pianists giving concerts this month:
Tried and true: Eduard Risler (1873-1929), Max Pauer (1866-1945), Emil Sauer (1862-1942), Conrad Ansorge (1862-1930); Wunderkinder: Mieco Horszowski (b. 1892), Susanne Morvay (b. 1896); Up and coming: Paul Goldschmidt (b. 1882), Germaine Schnitzer (b. 1887), Alice Ripper (b. 1883); Recently established stars: Harold Bauer (b. 1873), Ernest Schelling (b. 1876), Gottfried Galston (b. 1879).


Every famous violin virtuoso was in town in October, it seemed. Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962) played the Brahms Concerto, Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Fantasy on Russian Themes,” and Sinigaglia’s “Rhapsodie Piedmontese.” Emile Sauret (1852-1919), who had been a featured soloist with the Berlin Philharmonic as early as 1883, was back from America and was judged as wonderful as ever. Arthur Hartmann (1881-1956), who had made a triumphant Berlin debut in 1902, performed the Mendelssohn, Saint-Saëns B minor, and Tchaikovsky Concertos. Henri Marteau (1874-1934), who would be playing plenty of concertos in November, gave a chamber concert this month with his frequent collaborator, pianist Ellen Saatweber-Schlieper.
New Violin Concertos:
Emmanuel Moór dedicated his Third Violin Concerto to Carl Flesch, who performed the premiere. A couple weeks later, Jacques Thibaud played Moór’s Violin Concerto No. 2, which had been dedicated to Henri Marteau. Moór (1863-1931) was a Hungarian pianist and very prolific composer, almost completely forgotten today. Arthur Abell commented, “Moór has a very peculiar style, to me it seems lacking in spontaneity, and yet great artists are taking him up.”8He also mentioned that Moór had also had his “Symphonic Suite” performed recently at the Concertgebouw with Mengelberg conducting. He wrote about the Third Concerto: “Moór is evidently a serious musician and a man of high endeavor, but notwithstanding Flesch’s splendid performance I failed to get much enjoyment out of this work.” Musical Courier 30 October (1907):10.
Jenö Hubay’s Violin Concerto No. 3 was dedicated to his student, the Wunderkind Franz von Vecsey, who was now 14 years old. He performed the premiere on the 28 October Philharmonic subscription concert.
Kathleen Parlow (1890-1963) had just finished at the St. Petersburg Conservatory; she was the only female and certainly the only Californian in Leopold Auer’s class. The 17-year-old gave four concerts in which the critics judged that she more than held her own against the competition. And then there was little Vivien Chartres (1893-1941), described as 12 years old. The number of times critics were “astonished” or “verblüfft” seems to indicate they were truly at a loss. Abell wrote:

Vivien Chartres (1893-1941)

Her performance of Vieuxtemps’ D minor concerto was technically well-nigh flawless, and the ease, force and subtleness with which she manipulated her bow was astonishing. She played with the decision and aplomb of a veteran of the concert stage, and yet there was a sweet, childish air that lent a peculiar charm to all that she did.9Musical Courier 6 November (1907): 11.

Concerts in September and October 1907

PerformerDateTypeProgramComments from ReviewsVenue
Dedication of the K-S Saal10/6/07MixedBeethovenMayer-Mahr, van Veen, van Lier, SistermansKlindworth-Scharwenka Saal
Felix Lederer-Prina09/26/1907Compositionsung by DessoirSaal Bechstein
Bernhard Sekles09/27/1907Compositiona lot of originality (Laser, NMZ 85)
Saal Bechstein
Mark Günzburg09/27/1907Pianonot mature yet, empty bravuraBeethovensaal
Hekking Trio09/28/1907Chamber1st of 6; Americans with him, Clarence Adler, Louis SiegelBeethovensaal
Eugenie Argiewicz09/28/1907ViolinSaal Bechstein
Weingartner, Königliche Kapelle09/30/1907OrchTrauerfeier for Joachim; Georg Schumann soloist
Artur Argiewicz09/30/1907ViolinVieuxtemps #5, Bach, Devil’s Trill, Paganinihe has made progressBeethovensaal
Karl Götz09/30/1907VoiceBaritone; LoeweSaal Bechstein
Anton Schlosser10/01/1907MixedFranz, Schumann, Wolff, PfitznerJosef Pembaur, Beethoven op. 90Saal Bechstein
Wladimir Drossdoff10/01/1907PianoBach-Liszt, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Glazounow…“aus Petersburg”Singakademie
Kurt Lietzmann10/01/1907VoiceBrahms, Mendelssohn, VrieslanderOk; baritoneBeethovensaal
Pop10/02/1907PopBeethoven, Haydn, HandelOpening concertPhilharmonie
Hans Heilscher10/02/1907VoiceSchumann, Strauss, Löwe, PlüddemannBaritone, Plüddemann pianoSaal Bechstein
Bruno Tuerschmann10/02/1907VoiceEnoch Arden by Tennysonmelodramatischer Abend with Madeleine Astorga pianoSingakademie
Gustav Franz10/02/1907VoiceKaun,Ertel, EJ Wolff,Plüddeman as composer, in MS, not a good voiceBeethovensaal
Kammermusik series10/03/1907ChamberBrahmsSchnirlin, Eisenberger, piano; Fritz Becker, cello; w/Jeannette GrumbacherSaal Bechstein
Dr. Emil Geyer, Alice Schwabe10/03/1907MixedChopin, D’AlbertMelodramen, recitation, piano solosArchitektenhaus
Wladimir Poppoff10/03/1907PianoBeethoven, Chopin, Schumann, Liszttoo nervous, bad technique his debutSingakademie
Emanuel Wad10/03/1907PianoGrieg, Rubinstein, Paderewsky
Phil. Orch. first time under Kunwald, very good; Wad was not so goodBeethovensaal
Helene Staegemann10/03/1907VoiceMozartsaal
Arthur Perleberg10/04/1907Compositiondoesn’t have his own voice; Dessoir, Mitnitzsky, Karl Kämpf on harmoniumSaal Bechstein
Käte u. Maria Heumann, lieder duet10/04/1907Vocal Groupthey have gained praise as a duet, but they wreck this impression by singing too many individual numbersBeethovensaal
Iduna Walter-Choinanus10/05/1907MixedBeethoven, Schubert, Schumann, GriegBruno Hinze-Reinhold played Liszt show piecesSingakademie
Dedication of Blüthner Saal10/05/1907MixedTchaikovskyPathetique, Kathleen ParlowBlüthner Saal
Ernst Schelling10/05/1907PianoEmperor C., Chopin f minor, Liszt-Busoni Spanish RhapsodyBeethovensaal
Halir Quartet10/06/1907ChamberBrahmsAll the Brahms chamber music with G. SchumannBeethovensaal
Mozart Orchestra10/06/1907OrchDrechsel conductingBlüthner Saal
Pop10/06/1907PopJoachim, Hamlet O., 1st mvt. Hungarian ConcertoIn memoriam Joachim, date uncertainPhilharmonie
Robert Spörry10/06/1907VoiceSchubertadvertised series of 6 matinees, Dr. Rudolf Bode on pianoSaal Bechstein
Kathleen Parlow10/07/1907MixedGlazunov, Tartini, Paganini; songs by Gluck, Martini, Tchaikovskyand Florence Monteith, voice.Klindworth-Scharwenka Saal
Mozart Orchestra10/07/1907OrchSpohr concerto played by CM Hans MeyerMozartsaal
Fritz Kreisler10/07/1907ViolinBrahms, Mozart, Rimsky KorsakowBeethovensaal
Agnes Fridrichowicz10/07/1907VoiceSingakademie
Heinrich Pestalozzi10/07/1907Voicebaritone; needs to work on some things, not readySaal Bechstein
Julia Culp10/07/1907VoiceSchubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, Straussvery very good, popular LiederabendBlüthner Saal
Hermann Seidel10/08/1907ViolinBruch, Mendelssohnvery young; Mozart Orch.Blüthner Saal
Joanna Dietz10/08/1907Voice“Zum Gedächtnis für Franz Liszt”From MunichSaal Bechstein
Angelika Rummel10/08/1907VoiceGluck, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Wolf, Straussshe could be very goodBeethovensaal
Opening concert Choralion Saal10/09/1907MixedDessoir, Busoni, IrrgangChoralion Saal
Eduard Risler10/09/1907PianoBach, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, Hahn, Saint-Saenshis program was more modest than usualBeethovensaal
Anna von Gabain10/09/1907PianoSchubert Fantasie op. 15, Weber Sonata op. 39, Mendelssohn, Schumann 1st sonataNot good for more than house musicSaal Bechstein
Arthur Hartmann10/09/1907ViolinSaint-Saens, Tchaikovsky3 concertos: MendelssohnMozartsaal
Ella Gmeiner10/09/1907VoiceLoewe, Weingartner, Liszt, Brahmscontralto, trying too much for stage effectsSingakademie
Hermann Lafont10/10/1907PianoLisztDebussy, Ravel, ScriabinSaal Bechstein
Egon Pütz10/10/1907PianoGrieg, Schumann, Chopin, Brahms, Smetana, MacDowellPrize winning student at Paris ConservatoireChoralion Saal
Carl Flesch10/10/1907ViolinBrahms, Reger, Moórsolo sonata by Reger, new concerto no. 3 E major by Emanuel M, op. 66Beethovensaal
Richard Koennecke10/10/1907Voice1st; Has made progress, but has affectationsMozartsaal
Grete Steffens10/10/1907VoiceSchubert, Schumann, Cornelius, Brahmsvoice isn’t stable or big enoughSingakademie
Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde10/11/1907OrchJean Nicodé“Gloria” Symphony for the first time, Fried, only other performance ADMV FrankfurtPhilharmonie
Wladimir Drossdoff10/11/1907PianoGlazunov, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, d’Albert, LisztRussian pianist, modern programSingakademie
Emy u. Friedrich Schwabe10/11/1907Vocal GroupHermann Durra lieder, Rubinstein, Cornelius, Brahms, Franz, Schumann, Schubert,…she is good, he isn'tBeethovensaal
Paula Schick-Nauth10/11/1907VoiceCherubini, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, SchillingsGood; soprano; Gustav Lazarus pianoSaal Bechstein
Mieco Horszowski10/12/1907PianoBeethoven, ChopinRhythmically uncertainSingakademie
Theodore Spiering10/12/1907ViolinBach E major, Spohr’s Gesangscene, Vieuxtemps a minor, Joachim’s VariationsBeethovensaal
Vivien Chartres10/12/1907ViolinVieuxtemps, Wieniawski, Hubay, SarasateMendelssohn, Grieg, BazziniSaal Bechstein
Pop10/13/1907PopGesterkamp, Malkin solosPhilharmonie
Mozart Orchestra10/13/1907OrchWagnerBlüthner Saal
Leocadie Kaschperow10/14/1907CompositionSymphony, concertoshe is a talent; compositions rather superficial, played piano concerto herselfSingakademie
I. Philharmonic10/14/1907OrchBrahms, Bach, Joachimin memoriam Joachim: J concerto; Bach cantata; Brahms 3rdPhilharmonie
Berliner Lieder Quartet10/14/1907Vocal GroupB. Dessau, Antonie SternBeethovensaal
Gustav Thümler-Walden10/14/1907VoicePleasant baritone but the pianist was not adequateSaal Bechstein
K-G-K choir10/15/1907ChoralFolk songs from the book sponsored by the KaiserBeethovensaal
Waldemar Meyer Quartet10/15/1907ChamberOp 135 Beethoven; Joachim Hungarian ConcertoChoral piece by BeethovenSingakademie
Eduard Behm10/15/1907CompositionLieder, clarinet quintet, violin sonatawith Bernhard Dessau, a serious and substantive work, Dessau QSaal Bechstein
Ernst Breest10/15/1907Violinnot suited to the concert hallMozartsaal
Gottfried Galston10/16/1907PianoBach1st of 5Singakademie
Artur Reinhold10/16/1907PianoBach, CPE Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, ChopinYoung Reisenauer student, op. 106Saal Bechstein
Hamburger Frauenquartett10/16/1907Vocal GroupPalestrina, Donati, Mozart, Brahms, Vierling, BergerBruno H-R played piano pieces by Poglietti u. RoameauBeethovensaal
Mara Lennah10/16/1907Voicehotel de rome
Karoline Doepper-Fischer10/16/1907VoiceSchubertwith Theodor Prusse, pianoKlindworth-Scharwenka Saal
Königliche Kapelle10/17/1907ChamberMozart, Beethoven, Seleswind serenadesSingakademie
Lionel Tertis, York Bowen10/17/1907ChamberBrahms, Bowen, DaleMozartsaal
Philharmonisches Trio10/17/1907ChamberDvorak, Haydn, Grieg, AlkanWitek, Malkin, Gerhardt, with Luise Geller-Wolter, Juan LuriaOberlichtsaal
Mozart Orchestra10/17/1907OrchWagner
Paul G. Thiele10/17/1907PianoWeber, Chopin, LisztChoralion Saal
Paul Goldschmidt10/17/1907PianoBrahms, LisztBrahms d minor, liszt e-flat, Rubinstein d minorBeethovensaal
Nicoline Zedeler10/17/1907ViolinSaint-Saens, Sinding, RegerWieniawski, VeuxtempsSaal Bechstein
Robert Kothe10/17/1907VoiceGerman and dutch folk songs u. Ballades to the luteMeistersinglied…Klindworth-Scharwenka Saal
In memory of Kaiser Friedrich III10/18/1907ChoralCherubini RequiemCaecilia Melodia Männergesangverein, Mozart Och.K W G K
Ernest Schelling10/18/1907Piano2ndBeethovensaal
Historical Sonata Abend10/18/1907ChamberBuxtehude, Bach, Corelli, Handel, AbacoFriedrich Walter Porges, violin
Schrattenholz, cello, Carl Hasse, piano
Saal Bechstein
Königliche Kapelle10/18/1907OrchLiszt, Weber, SchumannDante symphonyOper
Käthe Heinemann10/18/1907PianoBach, Liszt, Beethoven, Schumann, SchubertNothing but FingerfertigkeitKlindworth-Scharwenka Saal
Paul Reimers10/18/1907VoiceBrahms, Wolftenor, good pronunciationSingakademie
Susanne Morvay10/19/1907OrchMozart,Tchaikovsky, Mozart(ad says 11 yrs old): Liszt #1, Mozart C minor, Tchaik b minor, Mozart OrchBlüthner Saal
Martha Drews, Hildegard Hummel10/19/1907MixedMozart, Bach, Bruch, Weber, SittViola and voiceSingakademie
Max Pauer10/19/1907PianoBeethoven, Brahms, Liszt, SchumannLiszt B minor Sonata, DavidsbündlertänzeBeethovensaal
Hermann Weissenborn10/19/1907VoiceBrahmsSchöne Magelone with Clemens SchmalstichSaal Bechstein
Halir Quartet10/20/1907ChamberBrahmsBeethovensaal
Emil Severin10/20/1907VoiceLoeweSingakademie
Mientje Lammen10/20/1907VoiceSchumannYoung sopranoSaal Bechstein
Robert Spörry10/20/1907VoiceSchubertWinterreiseSaal Bechstein
Helene Fürst, Helene Schaul10/21/1907ChamberBach, Mozart, SchubertSonatenabendSingakademie
Philharmonisches Chor10/21/1907ChoralBrahms, WolfJulia Culp, Ludwig Hess
Arnold Mendelssohn Paria (first time)
orchestrated Hugo Wolf,
Bernhard Scholz's Sylvesterglocken (first time)
Mozart orchestra10/21/1907OrchWagner, Liszt, StraussKarl Panzner cond., Karl Burrian, Lohengrin and Tannhauser ErzählungenMozartsaal
Kathleen Parlow10/21/1907Violin3rd concert, Florence Monteith, voiceBlüthner Saal
Leonore Wallner10/21/1907VoiceBrahmsSaal Bechstein
Ada Stoer-Lingenfelder, Martha Berthold10/21/1907VoiceSoprano and pianoBeethovensaal
Felix Senius10/22/1907VoiceBach, Schubert, Brahms, WolfSaal Bechstein
Berta Stahlberger-Stockert10/22/1907Mixedalto, with Ossip Schnirlin, violinKlindworth-Scharwenka Saal
“Sorga"10/22/1907OrchLiszt E-flat CMozart Orchestra, Alice RipperBlüthner Saal
Germaine Schnitzer10/22/1907Piano1st (studied w/Pugno in Paris and in Vienna w/Sauer)Mozartsaal
Emil Sauer10/22/1907PianoBach, Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Grieg, LisztAlso Sauer’s own worksBeethovensaal
Dora Moran10/22/1907VoiceLieder und ArienabendSingakademie
Marix Loevensohn10/23/1907CelloGernsheim, Lalo, Fauré, Boellmannconcerto conducted by composerMozartsaal
Carl Flesch and Georges Enesco10/23/1907ChamberEnesco’s 2nd sonata, op 6Beethovensaal
Max Wever10/23/1907MixedLaura Helbling-Lafont violinSaal Bechstein
Pop10/23/1907PopHaydn, Mozart, BeethovenPhilharmonie
Barth’sche Madrigal Vereinigung10/23/1907Vocal GroupSingakademie
Ludwig Wüllner10/23/1907VoiceSchubert, Beethoven, WolfSchone Müllerin, AdelaideHochschule
Henri Marteau10/24/1907ChamberMozart, Beethoven, Thuille3 violin sonatas; Ellen Saatweber-Schlieper, piano
(she gets top billing) 1st
Dom Chor concert10/24/1907ChoralDom
“Elite” Concert10/24/1907MixedGemma Bellincioni sang opera arias
Otto Briesemeister, Godowsky
Klara Erler10/24/1907MixedScarlatti, Veracini, Handel, Schumann, Weingartner…with Halir on violin, plays Joachim worksBeethovensaal
Elisabeth Bokemeyer10/24/1907PianoChopin, Liszt, Volkmann1st concertSingakademie
Gerda Rombell10/24/1907VoiceSopranoKlindworth-Scharwenka Saal
Elsa Berny10/24/1907VoiceSaal Bechstein
Bach B minor mass, Generalprobe10/24/1907ChoralBachSchumann, conductor SingakademieSingakademie
Sevcik Quartet with Schnabel10/25/1907ChamberSaint-Saëns, Schubert, SmetanaSchubert d minor; S-S Piano QuintetBeethovensaal
Bach B minor mass10/25/1907ChoralBachSchumann, conductor SingakademieSingakademie
Valerie Thomán10/25/1907Mixedvoice, with Morvay, and Stefan Thomán, pianoKlindworth-Scharwenka Saal
Madeleine Cocoresu10/25/1907PianoSaal Bechstein
Willy Burmester10/25/1907ViolinBeethovenpopular concert, Stefaniai, pianoPhilharmonie
Hugo Wolf Abend10/25/1907VoiceWolfGesellschaft der Musikfreunde
Hertha Dehmlow, Hjalmar Arlberg
Blüthner Saal
Mena Töpfer10/26/1907Piano11 yr old Leschetizsky studentSaal Bechstein
Jacques Thibaud10/26/1907ViolinBach, Lalo, MoorEmanuel Moor’s 2nd concerto, Bach E major, Lalo, S. E.Beethovensaal
Emile Sauret10/26/1907ViolinSaint-Saëns, Dvorak, Ernst
3 concertos, Mozart orch. has been in America, is as good as everMozartsaal
Brigitta Thielemann10/26/1907VoiceSingakademie
Amalie Waibel10/26/1907VoiceAltoKlindworth-Scharwenka Saal
Holländische Trio10/27/1907ChamberSchubert, Brahms, Liszt, RameauElena Gerhardt, voiceKlindworth-Scharwenka Saal
Trio group10/27/1907ChamberBrahmsSchnirlin, Eisenberger, Becker, Marie Götze, op. 25Mozartsaal
Vivien Chartres10/27/1907Violin2ndSaal Bechstein
Johannes Messchaert10/28/1907VoicePopular concertMozartsaal
II. Philharmonic10/28/1907OrchVolkmann, HubayFranz von Vecsey, premiere of Hubay concerto
Bertha von Türckheim10/28/1907VoiceMary Dickinson violin (made a good impression) and Marie Hoffmann pianoSaal Bechstein
"Modernen Liederabend"10/28/1907VoiceStrauss, WeingartnerHermann Gura; works by StreicherBeethovensaal
Dessau Quartet10/29/1907ChamberTaneiev, Berger, Mozartwith Wilhelm Berger, playing his piano quintet op. 95 (1st time )
Taneiev, Q d minor op. 7 (1st time)
Klingler Quartet10/29/1907ChamberBeethoven,Mozart, Haydnop.74Saal Bechstein
Sergei Kussewitzky10/29/1907Chamberwith Medtner; Henri Casadesus on viola d’amoreBeethovensaal
Mary Münchhoff10/29/1907Mixedwith Oscar Schubert, clarinet and Ed. Behm, pianoMozartsaal
August Schmid-Lindner, piano10/29/1907OrchDukas, DeliusMax Schillings conducts Mozart Orchestra; Delius concerto; Felix von Roth concertoBlüthner Saal
Louise Clemens10/29/1907PianoHochschule
Court Gross10/29/1907ViolinOberlichtsaalPhilharmonie
Marie Blanck-Peters10/29/1907VoiceKlindworth-Scharwenka Saal
Bohemian Quartet10/30/1907ChamberBeethoven, Schubert, DvorakSchubert d minor; Beethoven op. 133, Dvorak C majorBeethovensaal
Ellen Sarsen10/30/1907Mixedvoice, with Heinrich Grünfeld, celloKlindworth-Scharwenka Saal
Gottfried Galston10/30/1907PianoBeethoven2nd of 5: Op. 101, 106, 109, 110, 111Singakademie
Conrad Ansorge10/30/1907PianoBrahms, Beethoven, Liszt, SchubertBrahms #1,
Emperor concerto
Liszt #2,
Schubert’s Wandererphantasie orch. Liszt
Alice Ripper10/30/1907PianoBeethoven, Schumann, Mendelssohn, LisztAlgernon AshtonBlüthner Saal
Elsa Miehling10/30/1907VoiceSchubert, Brahms, WolfDvorak, SchumannChoralion Saal
Max Vogrich10/31/1907Compositionexcerpt from his opera “Der Buddha”Played his own piano concerto; Die Kamadewane, Indian legend (orch)Philharmonie
Vivien Chartres, Miecio Horzsowski10/31/1907MixedPhilharmonie
Germaine Schnitzer10/31/1907Piano2ndMozartsaal
Harold Bauer10/31/1907PianoSaint-Saëns, Franck, DebussyDebussy, his arrangement of Franck pieceSaal Bechstein
Emil Sauer10/31/1907PianoSchumann, Liszt, Chopin2nd; Blue Danube Schulz-EvlerBeethovensaal
Gertrud Seiffert10/31/1907VoiceSchubert, Schumann, Brahms, WolfRachmaninow, WeingartnerKlindworth-Scharwenka Saal
Singakademie Joachim memorialMixedBrahmsGeorg Schumann speech, Q members with Op. 135 slow mvt. Deutsches Requiem w/phil orchSingakademie
Hermann DiesMixedAlice Rohde voice, no to both
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4 thoughts on “Concerts in September and October 1907

  1. The concert of melodramas and recitations on the third of October in the Architektenhaus interests me. Which melodramas were performed? Were they all by D’Albert?

    That genre seems entirely neglected now, yet singers whose careers have aged out might consider reviving this genre. Especially academic voice professors in America who must perform to receive positive annual evaluations. Were there many such performances in 1907?

    1. Yes! Of particular interest is the actor/musician Ludwig Wüllner. Wüllner in Schumann’s Manfred (that includes melodrama) in 1903 was described as coming close to what Wagner called Sprechgesang (Klavier-Lehrer 1903, p.103). I wonder if Schoenberg heard him perform. There are recordings of him.

  2. wow, what a music-filled world! It’s amazing how much has changed in a century. I imagine there must have been some serious fear of missing out for music-lovers.

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